[GLLUG] PHP vs Python

Adam Jensen jensena8 at msu.edu
Thu Nov 8 14:54:50 EST 2007

Patrick Hawkins wrote:
> If you do decide to go with a python web framework, I suggest looking 
> into both Pylons and web.py.
I recommend looking at Django as well.  These frameworks do an excellent 
job (IMO) of relieving you of the petty, error-prone stuff that goes 
with any web app, such as authentication, input validation, ORM 
(database mapping layer), session management, and so on.  This is a huge 
win, especially as your application scales up in size and complexity.

Before switching to Python+Django, I worked for several years with PHP 
and unfortunately was never able to find a decent framework whose "work 
flow" matched my own.  It was in part a language issue -- PHP has some 
ugly design warts -- but much of it was the design philosophies of the 

YMMV, but I would choose Python over PHP for any non-trivial web app.


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