[GLLUG] PHP vs Python

Clay Dowling clay at lazarusid.com
Fri Nov 9 09:54:44 EST 2007

Nicholas Kwiatkowski wrote:
> PHP, while easy to pickup and learn starts having scalability issues once
> you application becomes very complex (lots of code).  Unless you adhere to
> very strict coding standards, PHP applications often can become very
> unwieldy and hard to manage.  PHP does not make it easy for code re-use,
> and
> modularization and portability of your code, as compared to other
> languages.

This has not been my experience.  I've had excellent luck with code reuse,
modularization and portability in PHP code.  In my experience all of these
things rely on the ability of the programmer rather than language

Scalability and complexity also easily addressed by proper program design.
 While one common option is the monolithic php script that handles
everything via included files, an equally valid approach is a collection
of smaller pages wrapped around a common framework.  I'm building just
such an application now, and I assure you that the technique works very
well for maintaining relatively simple code.

This isn't meant to run down Python.  It seems like a fine language and
people are certainly writing very good applications in it.

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