[GLLUG] PHP vs Python

Richard Houser rick at divinesymphony.net
Sat Nov 10 11:03:16 EST 2007

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> Have you thought of Java, .NET or ColdFusion?  These languages take your
> source code and compile them into bytecode which is significantly faster
> than parsing script.  The main advantage is scalability here, and of course,
> these languages all but require OOP principals, so code-reuse and
> manageability is easy and helps you be more efficient when coding.
> -Nick Kwiatkowski

I personally think .NET (even with the existence of Mono) or ColdFusion
would be very poor choices for the project due to the vendor issues.

None of the languages require OOP principals as they are quite easy to
circumvent, but Python and Java certainly do encourage OOP use and it is
considered the right way.

As for the compilation issue, all the Python I've worked with ran from
pre-compiled byte-code, so I don't think that factors in much.  Since
this was supposed to be a web application, compiling to native machine
code (Java - with gcc) wouldn't be all that useful of a feature.
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