[GLLUG] PHP vs Python

Nicholas Kwiatkowski kwiatk27 at msu.edu
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While I agree that programming style and efficiency will always determine
how quick an application runs, J2EE (don't associate J2EE applications with
Java Applets or Java Applications) applications run QUICK.  Java and .NET
scale, cluster and outperform any platform out there.  Please, show me a
benchmark to back up your claim that shows Java is slow compared to PHP,
Python, Ruby, Perl, etc.

I have seen applications and full-blown servers run on nothing but Java.
All the phones at the campus of Michigan State University are powered by two
Pentium 3, 600Mhz boxes running RH Linux.  The actual communications
manager?  A Tomcat EAR file.   The Cable-TV headend that Comcast runs to
send video signal to Lansing?  A series of Java applications.  Novell
Netware?  It's been a Java application since version 5.  

Java IS enterprise.  Java is quick.


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Sean O'Malley wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Nov 2007, Marshal Newrock wrote:
>> I've never heard anyone say Java is fast.
> Java is fast. It is what Apple was using to do the genetics search stuff
> with. (i cant think of the name of it.) and sun is pushing it hard.

Java isn't fast, but is it fast enough that you aren't going to see a
big enough performance difference to justify not using it.  The
difference should be much less than, say, the difference between
processor revisions, such as the equivalent of a 3700-3750 X2 running
your code instead of a 3800 X2.

The big differences come down to methodologies of how you use the code
and what factors change in the design as a result.  Java used to be very
slow back in the 1.1-1.2 days, but nowadays, all the critical parts of
the code end up triggering the JIT compilers and those sections then run
a translated equivalent in native code.
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