[GLLUG] What Intel Giveth, Microsoft Taketh Away

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Mon Nov 19 13:36:43 EST 2007

linux-user-bounces at egr.msu.edu wrote on 11/17/2007 12:11:19 PM:

> On Nov 17, 2007 8:24 AM, Michael Rudas <audiotech50 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > "Case in point: Microsoft Office 2007 which, when deployed on Windows
> > Vista, consumes over 12x as much memory and nearly 3x as much
> > processing power as the version that graced PCs just 7 short years ago
> > (Office 2000)."
> My Mom recently bought a brand-new Lenovo desktop machine at my
> recommendation. It's a great machine for the price except for one
> nagging little detail: It comes with Vista. She knows her way around
> Windows well enough but with Vista, however, she had a really
> difficult time navigating the interface, installing applications and
> drivers, and working with the system in general. Booting and opening
> many applications sometimes took minutes. Bringing the system back
> from suspend took 30 seconds.
> I installed Windows XP for her and now the machine works great in
> every way. Even some hardware in the machine didn't work properly in
> Vista but was fine on XP. I blame these issues more on Lenovo, of
> course, because they're the ones shipping an OS that's not made for
> the kind of hardware they're shipping. But still, I can't imagine why
> Vista performs so poorly when the major differences that I can see
> between it and XP are merely a rearranged UI and even more DRM than
> before.

What I really hate about Vista (and generally all M$ updates) are the 
needless UI changes that you mention.   Think of the worlwide productivity 

lost with just one of those changes: they decided to rename the 
"add/remove programs" icon in the control panel to something else.  How 
many tech support people have wasted a minute looking for the familiar 
add/remove button in Vista?  I can only imagine it adds up to thousands of 
hours by now. 

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