[GLLUG] DRM run in

Brian Daniel Beck beckbria at msu.edu
Mon Nov 19 21:20:24 EST 2007

Karl Schuttler writes: 

> I had an interesting experience this weekend when we rented the DVD of
> the film Pi from her university's media library. Playing it on her
> kubuntu-clad dell laptop, we found that it had been encrypted with
> DeCSS, and thus could not watch it unless we broke the law and
> downloaded libdvdcss. 

As a minor point, it had been encrypted with CSS (Content Scrambling 
System).  DeCSS was named because it was decoding the CSS encryption. 

On the whole, an excellent tale, however.  As you pointed out, it does 
nothing but hinder legitamite use, as every DRM scheme tried thus far has. 

 -Brian Beck
 -beckbria at msu.edu

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