[GLLUG] router for home

Charles Ulrich charles at bityard.net
Sun Nov 25 22:58:44 EST 2007

On Nov 23, 2007 7:28 PM, Michael George <george at idealso.com> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for their input.  I decided to get a Linksys WRT54GL
> and I plan to put dd-wrt on it.  I have found the downloads and some of
> the docs, but their documentation seems to be a bit spotty.

Have you seen the DD-WRT wiki? I thought it was quite thorough:


> I haven't been able to find a nice overview page which says something like:
> This is what dd-wrt is.  The basic package is has these things and here
> are the pages which document the screens to configure the basics.  If
> you add packages (which you can find here), each will come with a file
> to document that package's config screen.  The VPN firmware is the
> standard with these packages.  The VOIP firmware is the standard with
> these packages..." Etc.

Ah, you mean this:


> In short, I've not found anything that documents the configuration or
> says what is all contained in the "more than standard" images.  Am I
> looking in the wrong places?
> Thanks!

The best way to become familiar with DD-WRT is to install it and start
playing around. In short, the standard version should fit your needs
unless you want to do either OpenVPN or SIP routing. Also, it might
not hurt to attend this week's GLLUG meeting, soon to be announced...


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