[GLLUG] router for home

Charles Ulrich charles at bityard.net
Sun Nov 25 23:08:52 EST 2007

On Nov 24, 2007 12:19 AM, Karl Schuttler <rexykik at gmail.com> wrote:
> You could also look for openwrt guides, as the firmwares are pretty
> closely based.

Now that the Kamikaze branch of OpenWRT is considered stable, there's
quite a bit of difference. Different configuration storage, filesystem
layout, kernel, etc. The DD-WRT maintainer said a year or two ago that
he wanted to rework DD-WRT to be based on OpenWRT, but I haven't seen
any actual movement in that direction since.

> How you flash (from what i remember):
> Flash with the small firmware from the proprietary web gui.
> In the new flashed environment, flash again with the large firmware file.

With the WRT54GL v1.0, you had to do this because Linksys put a
maximum size on the HTTP upload because their software developers
(were|are) morons. As of v1.1, the firmware image is limited only to
the amount of free RAM (something on the order of 8MB) so you can
directly upload any third-party firmware to the device with no


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