[GLLUG] desktop freezing??

Richard Houser rick at divinesymphony.net
Thu Nov 29 00:32:37 EST 2007

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If you bring the machine into a meeting and give us a few days notice,
I'm sure we can run through a bunch of troubleshooting (we can bring a
spare supply, watt meter, PS tester, etc.).  Typically though, you are
going to have a piece of crap PS that can't handle more than two thirds
of it's rated load at best.  VERY few companies actually put quality PS
in their systems and the case/PS combos that come with them normally
cost a lot more.

Benjamin Cathey wrote:
> The system is older - the MB is an asus.  Trying to remember but I believe the machine is a 1.2 ghz machine.  I do know how to test the powersupply but don't have a multimeter.  
> Could it be an issue of being underpowered?  I recently put in a newer, larger HDD and also have all 4 usb ports on the machine full (mouse, keyboard, turntable and a hub) plus I put in an expansion card (which has 2 usb HDDs connected to it - the expansion card) - the hub has my iAudio Dock and a webcam attached.
> I thought about that earlier - maybe I need a more powerful power supply?
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>> ->> Benjamin Cathey wrote:
>> ->> 
>> ->> > A few days ago my desktop started freezing - it's acting like it's asleep
>> ->> or suspended
>> ->> > but I have power management turned off.  The power light on the desktop is
>> ->> blinking
>> ->> > and when I hit the power button the screen comes back on with a bunch of
>> ->> text
>> ->> > about USB something and then goes black.  I went into recovery mode to
>> ->> check
>> ->> > the file systems and they all seem okay.  Any ideas?
>> ->> 
>> ->> This type of symptom is often one of the first signs of a power-supply
>> ->> (PS) problem or CPU capacitor problem.  How old is the machine?  What
>> ->> speed is the CPU?  What brand is the motherboard?  Do you know how to
>> ->> check the PS?  The CPU caps?
>> ->> 
>> ->> ~~ Mikey
>> ->> 
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