[GLLUG] desktop freezing??

Michael Rudas audiotech50 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 10:47:14 EST 2007

Benjamin Cathey wrote:

> The system is older - the MB is an asus.  Trying to remember but I believe
> the machine is a 1.2 GHz machine.  I do know how to test the power supply
> but don't have a multimeter.

The system is of the right vintage for EITHER a PS problem or an MB
problem.  Adding an additional load to a PS can often "push it over
the edge" load-wise.

Check local dollar stores(!) for the multimeter -- I recently bought
an analog meter for $1 and a perfectly-useful digital meter for $3 at
one locally (Hazel Park).

The motherboard has a power-supply self-test in the BIOS that shows
the votages, usually under the same heading that shows the CPU
temperature.  If you can't figure this out from the BIOS-setting
page-names, look at each one in turn -- besides, it COULD be a CPU
thermal problem, anyway.

As far as checking the CPU capacitors go, this article has a good
description with useful pictures (what to look for):

ASUSTek was hit less than most manufacturers by the cap problem,
making the PS more likely -- fortunately 350W-and-up supplies are
cheap these days, even for decent ones.  Look for one of these marks
on them
<http://www.krausnaimer.com/G/photos/Appr/ur.gif> or
to ensure a minimal level of quality.

~~ Mikey

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