[GLLUG] desktop freezing??

Richard Houser rick at divinesymphony.net
Thu Nov 29 00:42:37 EST 2007

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The +5V rail might have been used on this machine for the CPU, but on
modern boards, I think it's actually one of the +12V rails (that's the
little 2x2 connector).  One of the appropriate hardware standards (can't
recall which) specifies such that this connector uses a different rail
(in multi-rail systems) than the PCI-E power connectors to help balance
the high draw devices out better.  For example, on my desktop, the CPU
is on rail 1 and each PCI-E connector is wired to split the load across
rails 2 and 3.  The +12V rails have a PCI spec limit of 20amp max per
rail, so this is required.

Chris Chan wrote:
> Asus used quality capacitors on P3 era boards but cheaped out in the
> Prescott P4 era where arguably quality caps were needed most. USB
> powering issues would be my first guess since a lot of your devices
> are bus powered (mouse, keyboard, webcam). Since both USB devices and
> the CPU are powered on the +5v rail, your PSU's 5v rail is progbably
> getting overloaded.
> On Nov 28, 2007 11:29 AM, Michael Rudas <audiotech50 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Benjamin Cathey wrote:
>>> As far as Power Supplies go - the more wattage the better, correct?
>>>  The system will only draw what it needs, right?  Or am I remembering wrong?
>> Mostly right.  The efficiency and power factor ratings of
>> higher-wattage PSs is kinda variable, but differences are (usually)
>> minor, especially for quality units.  A 400W PS would not be overkill;
>> an 800-watt one would.  I still think the PS is the problem, but check
>> the caps, as well.
>>> I figured Linux would have a message somewhere if the problem was overheating though.
>> It was only a suggestion based on experience.  Linux can't read ALL
>> thermal-monitor ICs, unfortunately -- but the BIOS can.
>> ~~ Mikey
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