[GLLUG] SSH problem

Karl Schuttler rexykik at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 13:59:36 EDT 2008

You may want to look at the timeout on the session for when it drops;
you might also look into the program spinner, which just displays that
loading spinner graphic so it doesn't close down. A work around for
the bash history file might be opening a screen on the remote host and
just disconnecting the screen every time you're done and then
disconnecting from the ssh session, and then reattaching to the screen
whenever you connect.

I don't know how cheap the firewalls are, but I've had troubles with
consumer products (ie Belkin wireless home routers with firewalls)
getting throttled by anything other than port 80 traffic.

Another option might be to set up ssh keys and just have the remote
server keep a reverse ssh session open to your box. This might bypass
any foolishness the ISP is doing. Example:
on the remote server:  ssh -R highport:localhost:22 youruser at yourcomputer -X

When you want to connect to it:
ssh remoteuser at localhost -p highport

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 1:42 PM, Stanley C. Mortel <mortel at cyber-nos.com> wrote:
> I'm having some trouble shelling into a remote server.  Sometimes it just
> won't connect, and when it does, if I don't keep up some activity, it seems
> to lose the connection.  I'll go to type something on the command line and
> nothing happens.  I have to close the terminal window and reconnect.  When
> I do that, it looks like I'm in another session, since the up arrow brings
> back a different command history.  I've looked at the logs but nothing is
> there.  Even when I set the logging level higher.  When I'm on-site there
> does not seem to be a problem.  If I do X forwarding and have some
> graphical program open, I don't seem to lose the connection.
> I'm sort of at a loss here.  I checked the remote firewalls (there are two
> on that end), but didn't find anything that suggested they were terminating
> a connection, or even that there was a setting to control such a thing.  I
> uninstalled and reinstalled openssh client and server, and openssl.  Is it
> possible that their ISP is doing something funny?  There have been some
> intermittent issues with slow network response there, that I'm still
> troubleshooting, but again, when I'm there I don't lose the connection.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance.
> Stan
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