[GLLUG] SSH problem

Michael George george at idealso.com
Thu Jul 3 14:01:44 EDT 2008

The first thing you could do is use "screen" to keep a terminal session
present on the destination system in case you start up something big and
get disconnected from it.  The you can just "screen -r" to get it back
when you reconnect.

As for why it's happening...  I'm sure there are others on this list who
have a better understanding of the intricacies of SSH and can speculate on
the problem.

On Thu, July 3, 2008 1:42 pm, Stanley C. Mortel wrote:
> I'm having some trouble shelling into a remote server.  Sometimes it just
> won't connect, and when it does, if I don't keep up some activity, it
> seems
> to lose the connection.  I'll go to type something on the command line and
> nothing happens.  I have to close the terminal window and reconnect.  When
> I do that, it looks like I'm in another session, since the up arrow brings
> back a different command history.  I've looked at the logs but nothing is
> there.  Even when I set the logging level higher.  When I'm on-site there
> does not seem to be a problem.  If I do X forwarding and have some
> graphical program open, I don't seem to lose the connection.
> I'm sort of at a loss here.  I checked the remote firewalls (there are two
> on that end), but didn't find anything that suggested they were
> terminating
> a connection, or even that there was a setting to control such a thing.  I
> uninstalled and reinstalled openssh client and server, and openssl.  Is it
> possible that their ISP is doing something funny?  There have been some
> intermittent issues with slow network response there, that I'm still
> troubleshooting, but again, when I'm there I don't lose the connection.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance.
> Stan
> ****************************
> Stan Mortel
> mortel at cyber-nos.com
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-Michael George

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