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I thought I'd cross post this over here, in case anyone was interested. 
I'll be doing my best to hit each showing
that's left; I actually just read about it in one of the free papers at 
the Thursday night meeting, but...this extra bit
of info just makes it time .....TO DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN.....

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Subject: 	[Penguicon-Concom] OT- Rocky Horror Showing - St. Johns
Date: 	Sat, 28 Jun 2008 12:09:34 -0400
From: 	Alice Smith-Goeke <alice at goeke.net>

As some of you may know, my father is part owner of a small movie 
theater in St. Johns.  To say the least, it is not at all profitable and 
if we don't turn it around soon, it will be closing.  The next fews 
weekends the theatre will be showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, in 
an attempt to get more people to the theater and be able to keep it 
open.  I know that many of you are fans of Rocky Horror and never get to 
see it on the big screen any more, so here is your chance.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073629/>
July 5th, July 11th, July 12th, July 18th & July 19th
All Shows Start at 11:30 PM

Patrons are encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters.*

St. John's Cinema
1043 S. US-27, St. Johns, Michigan 48879
(In the South Point Mall)
Phone: 989-224-2097


Alice Smith-Goeke

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