[GLLUG] RootsMagic Genealogy program on LINUX???

Dave davefff at comcast.net
Thu Jul 24 01:54:58 EDT 2008


Well, still not quite on LINUX yet even thought my Son installed Ubuntu 
8.04 for me and it worked until

we decided to see if WINE would allow me to use Rootsmagic 1.0 with 
patch to 1.4. It seemed like it was doing something, then Ouch!

Don't have time to mention the ten hour ordeal of getting Windows back 
after the Boot crash mess, and now have my second Linux database inside 
the Compuker but not hooked up so as to allow me the use of something.

Anyhow, maybe someone will be able to evaluate the following which if 
possible would allow me to go to LINUX without needing to go thru 
another Dual Boot /  WINE mess...

According to my Son Codeweavers is at a cost and the new WINE is to be 
able to preform as well??? Sounds good but didn't happen.

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QUOTE(Phillip @ Nov 23 2005, 01:11 AM) *

RM version 2 works very well via Crossover Office version 5.


I have installed RootsMagic 3 with Version 5 of Codeweavers 
Professional. It works great. So all of you Die Hard Linux Fans, make or 
stay with Linux BCuz RM works.

AGAIN, I use the computer about 80 to 90% for Genealogy research, and if 
this Rootsmagic Program worked on Linux, I'd be 100% LINUX rather than 
still being stuck with Bill Gates nonsense. Need your input and opinions 
and comments on this.

I have tried the GRAMPS Linux Genealogy program in Version 1.0 that was 
very linited. Version 2.0 with patches is much better, but nothing like 
the excellent Rootsmagic program. Also again, too old to learn Python.


Dave Felzke KB2MVF

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