[GLLUG] Yet another Subversion question

frank.dolinar at comcast.net frank.dolinar at comcast.net
Thu Jul 24 15:11:45 EDT 2008

Hi, everyone,
   Since mid-day yesterday, when I've tried to update my copy of the software from the repository, I keep getting a message saying that one of the folders in the software directory is locked.
   This makes no sense to me.  But sense or no it is interfering with my ability to get things done.
   I've gone back into the properties of that folder and the top level folder for the solution and removed the read-only status in the checkbox on the properties dialog.
   I've copied the top level folder and all of its myriad contents to a separate disk and then deleted it from the current drive, recreated a folder and attempted to download the entire contents of the repository for this software as a new checkout.  Same problem.

   Any suggestions?


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