[GLLUG] Sofware Freedom Day

Chick Tower c.e.tower at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 11:55:52 EDT 2008

I don't think we want to be at Davenport U. again, Eduardo.  It was too 
hard to find, which I'm sure is why so few people showed up.   :)

Seriously, I thought we informally decided amongst ourselves to not go 
back there again.  I'm not even convinced that a seminar or lecture or 
demonstration is the way to go, unless we can piggy-back on a related 
convention or lecture or something else going on that day.  Perhaps we 
should peruse the SFD website and see what last year's winning teams 
did.  Perhaps we would be more successful giving away Linux CDs at a 
popular event, or at a mall, or someplace else with a lot of people.


Eduardo Cesconetto wrote:
> I am sure we can have the same spot, if we all want that, but if MSU is 
> available, I am all for it!

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