[GLLUG] Tuesday Meeting for FLUG

Marr marr at copper.net
Mon Jun 2 20:44:18 EDT 2008

On Monday 02 June 2008 9:17pm, Clay Dowling wrote:
> Okay, I've been swamped so I the fact that tomorrow is the first Tuesday
>   slipped by my attention until just today.  Do we have any interest in
> meeting?

Methinks your PC clock is askew. I'm reading this message you supposedly sent 
at 9:17pm as I look at my clock which says 8:42pm. Have I entered the 
Twilight Zone? :^)

(... snip ...)

> There's every chance that I won't be able to check my email again before
> we would meet.  If you're interested in meeting call me at 869-4390.

I'm sending this as email because I'm not really interested in meeting 
tomorrow, but would be in the future if there's a good subject / topic / 

By the way, what area code is that? I live in an area with 4 nearby area 

Bill Marr

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