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Dan DeSloover zifferent at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 5 09:12:07 EDT 2008

As I was planning on doing a science of brewing panel, it might be neat to
get together with you all to and we can all put this together.

But forgive me because I need to clear up a couple things about your post.

The Pilsner and the Schwartzbier are actually both lagers and hence need
to be kept in refrigeration (beetween 55 and 60 degrees) for the PRIMARY
fermentation, and the that usually takes about 3 weeks. Also depending on
the yeast used and particularly in the Pilsner you'll want a short (three
day) diacetyl rest (google it) to burn off diacetyl (cabbage-like
off-flavor) before you secondary. Honestly, I've had great results doing
my secondary in-bottle in the refrigerator after a couple-weeks of
in-bottle conditioning, but a keg secondary (slowly lower down to just
above 32 degrees, note: regular unmodified refrigerators will not do this)
would work also.

Perhaps you meant Altbeir instead of Schwarzbeir?

That having been said there are easy and hard styles of brew to make. All
of the ones on your list are more difficult with the possible exception of
the wheat, although with the wheat flocculation can be problematic, and
wheats are better very fresh because of the suspended yeast.

Ales are easier and you could do something like an IPA, an Amber and Kolsh
(a golden colored, clean flavored German ale, more like the Pilsner)?

I apologize again for my forwardness, I've become something of a beer geek.

Clay Dowling wrote:
> At the last meeting we talked about plans for the room party next year at
> Penguicon.  Instead of buying beer it occurred to us that we could brew
> it, which would be completely in keeping with the open source conference
> idea.
> Last year we went through 15 gallons of beer.  My brewing setup is capable
> of brewing 5 finished gallons at a time, which would mean three brewing
> sessions.  I figure to make the brewing a group event (or events) at my
> house.
> The current beer plan:
> 1. Czech Pilsner - The original golden beer.  Light in color, strong in
> flavor.  The best commercial example is Czechvar, which many grocery
> stores are now carrying.  Sapporo is also in this style.
> 2. Scottish Wee Heavy - similar to the beer we drank last year.  Expect
> this stuff to wreck your head and your guts the next day if you drink
> unwisely.
> 3a. Schwarzbier - A dark german ale.  My recipe is good with chocolate,
> and if we make this we should form a partnership with the chocolate/fudge
> people.
> 3b. Heffewiezen - Similar to Schwarzbier, but light in color.  There are a
> lot of variations in flavor, but my recipe is pretty mellow and eminently
> drinkable.
> A choice would have to be made between 3a and 3b (at least in theory).
> The pilsner needs to be brewed first, and soon, because it needs a few
> months in a refrigerator for proper secondary fermentation.
> I propose either the 13th or 20th of September for the first brewing party
> at my house.  You do not need to know anything about brewing to
> participate, you'll learn as we go, and you'll be a better brew-monkey for
> the next session.  If we can round up a couple of people and some
> equipment I'm not opposed to expanding the beer offering (e.g. we make
> both 3a and 3b) by brewing a couple of batches at each brew session.
> Post a note on the list or contact me via email if you're interested in
> helping out.
> Clay
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