[GLLUG] Czech Pilsner brewing

Charles Ulrich charles at bityard.net
Mon Sep 22 01:08:49 EDT 2008

I meant to be there, but I ended up having to do some emergency
sleeping/studying that morning. Count me in next time, though.
Although I'm not what you might call a beer person, the brewing
process intrigues me.


2008/9/21 Clay Dowling <clay at lazarusid.com>:
> Nobody was able to make it yesterday to brew the pilsner, so after I fixed
> myself a fantastic lunch I started, about two hours later than I had
> planned.
> I had some new equipment in this brew that I hadn't used before, and that
> made for some learning.  It was the first all-grain batch that I had brewed
> on the propane burner, and I ran out of fuel just as I had the water hot
> enough to start the mash.  So I had to make a run to buy more propane.  For
> future reference, it takes about 2/3 of a tank of propane.
> I had also forgotten that there is a major hops shortage right now, so at
> the home brew stores it's catch as catch can for hops.  There was no Saaz or
> Perle hops to be had.  I had stocks of these that were vacuum sealed and in
> the freezer for the last year, but I would have felt better about things if
> I had been able to brew with fresh stock.  In the end though the beer
> smelled right, with that characteristic sharp flavor of pilsner that comes
> from saaz hops.
> The beer is currently merrily bubbling away in the primary fermentation in
> my basement.  Normally a lager should start fermentation under
> refrigeration, but the only yeast readily available to me (i.e. without
> driving an hour and a half in each direction to get it) was a generic dry
> lager yeast, and these strains want to do their primary fermentation at 60
> degrees to build up the colony.  My basement is perfect for that.
> Next saturday I'll transfer the beer to secondary fermentation in my beer
> fridge, where it will work at the proper temperatures for lagering.
> Clay
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