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Eduardo Cesconetto eduardo at cesconetto.com
Tue Sep 23 23:09:11 EDT 2008

I have a hosting business as well, CPanel based, cheap and good, my  
servers are located in Houston (ThePlanet) and they all survived Ike  
flawlessly. However, if you want a local datacenter, I would go either  
wit FreedomBI or Liquidweb

FreedomBI is small and more "caring", I can vouch for their talent,  
but sometimes they sleep on support and uptime.

Liquidweb is rock solid on support, but not as "warm and welcoming,  
almost personal" as FreedomBI.

I can provide very cheap caned solutions with 99.998% uptime on all my  
customers for the last year...

 Eduardo Cesconetto | eduardo at cesconetto.com | (517)507-5966

On Sep 23, 2008, at 10:29 AM, Emilio Xavier Esposito wrote:

> Hi
> I'm currently looking for a web hosting company for my company's
> website.  Currently my pages are static and there are several files
> (~100MB each) for people to download.  Right now my needs are not very
> much, but I might need more storage and bandwidth at a later time.
> I'm mostly concerned with uptime and reliability without having to pay
> a lot of money.
> I remember a discussion on this topic a while back on the list but
> cannot find the related thread.  A quick google search for companies
> turns up several, but I'm looking at all of my options before making a
> decision.
> Thank you for you time and advice
> Emilio
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