[GLLUG] Brazillian Barbeque

Clay Dowling clay at lazarusid.com
Mon Sep 29 15:51:15 EDT 2008

For those here not on the Penguicon mailing list, or who get snowed under 
debates about licensing issues and other administrivia, I've got some more 
dire news.

Currently they are not planning to have Brazillian beef.  Budget has been 
allocated for the grill, but not for the beef, salt or charcoal.  They are 
making alternative plans for food.  As we have seen in the past, their 
idea of food alternatives is a lot of lunch meat and cheese.

The chief holdup is a lack of somebody to organize it.  Eduardo has been 
pretty clear on not wanting to handle the behind the scenes organization. 
He's a good chef, but not dumb enough to get himself tied up with that 
much administration.

We need somebody to act as the organizer.  This will mean taking care of 
the logistics of getting this going, and advocating with the ConCom to 
make sure that we get what we need as far as space, resources and hotel 
relations.  I have no idea how involved this is.

I'm already handling the room party, including beer, room rental and food. 
I can't say I'm wanting to throw the barbeque onto that pile.  I'm willing 
to help in any way I can (including arranging funding).


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