[GLLUG] Browser problems

Patrick collorap at msu.edu
Sun Nov 7 12:50:08 EST 2010

Hi Frank,

Did you check the proxy server settings in IE and Firefox?  Some viruses 
run a local proxy server and change the browser settings to point to 
it.  While the virus/malware is running, the browser may work normally 
for the most part although the proxy might inject ads, pop-ups or 
collect information about the sites being visited.  Once the virus is 
removed, the browser can't access any sites because it is pointing to a 
nonexistent proxy server. 

- Patrick

Frank Dolinar wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
>     I was talking with a friend yesterday who presented me with a 
> problem for which I have no answer.
>     Perhaps one of you can shed some light on the situation.
>     His computer is a recent Dell system with an Intel quad-core chip, 
> running Vista (Vista Home, I believe), and he's had both IE and 
> Firefox browsers stop working, each claiming that it can't access the 
> particular site requested (pick a site, doesn't matter).  IE failed 
> about a month ago.  Firefox failed last Tuesday.
>     He also has Chrome on the system, and that appears to work without 
> problem.
>     I verified this situation on his computer.  Baffling.
>     I did a complete uninstall of Firefox and downloaded and 
> reinstalled it.  Same error.
>     My suspicion is that there's some bit of malware that is causing 
> this situation.  I'm wondering whether the problem isn't caused by 
> malware but by something in either the Chrome browser or some problem 
> with his firewall.  He also said that he has more than one anti-virus 
> package installed on his system -- which I believe is not recommended.
>     That's what I know at the moment.
>     If anyone can suggest an approach or a solution, I'd appreciate 
> any help you can provide.
> Thanks,
> Frank

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