[GLLUG] Website DNS Issue

Clay Dowling clay at lazarusid.com
Mon Nov 22 10:26:14 EST 2010

You should check the zone files to ensure your glue records are present,
and that the zone is loading properly.  If you run your own name server
you typically can grep for named in the syslog, and look for errors, but
I don't think you'll be able to do that here.

I would verify with your hosting company that those really are the
correct name servers, and have them verify the zone records.  It's
possible to make entries that really piss the name servers off, even if
you're using one of their automated tools.

I went through some of this pain last week, because I was using a
secondary that was checking the wrong source.


On 11/21/10 8:13 PM, Patrick wrote:
> Hey Mark,
> How did you perform that nameserver trace?  Does the trace imply that
> ns3 and ns4 are the authoritative name servers, but they do not have an
> IP address for my domain?  I would have thought the hosting company's
> nameservers would have been configured with the IP automatically when I
> opened the hosting account, even before I changed the authoritative
> nameservers with the registrar, but maybe not.  It seems to be working
> now for me, so maybe the probably is solved.
> Thanks.
> Mark Thuemmel wrote:
>> Nameserver trace for www.lighting-gallery.net:
>>     * Looking for who is responsible for root zone and followed
>> f.root-servers.net.
>>     * Looking for who is responsible for net and followed
>> h.gtld-servers.net.
>>     * Looking for who is responsible for lighting-gallery.net and
>> followed ns3.a2hosting.com.
>> Nameservers for www.lighting-gallery.net:
>>     * ns3.a2hosting.com returned (NORECORDS)
>>     * ns4.a2hosting.com returned (NORECORDS)
>> Are you saying ns3.a2hosting.com does have a pointer to your current
>> site www.lighting-gallery.net?
>> If so, might be a waiting game.
>> On 11/21/2010 05:51 PM, Patrick wrote:
>>> I just moved a website from one hosting provider to another yesterday,
>>> and DNS is not working today.  I've attempted to contact the registrar
>>> and the new host, and neither have been able to offer a solution other
>>> than to just wait.  I switched the authoritative DNS servers for the
>>> domain to the new DNS server yesterday on the registrar's site, which is
>>> separate from either the new or the old hosting provider.  Our site is
>>> http://www.lighting-gallery.net and the alternative URL for the site on
>>> the new hosting company's server is
>>> http://ltgnet.www59.a2hosting.com/. In an attempt to minimize
>>> downtime, I configured the old hosting
>>> company's server to redirect all requests from it to
>>> http://ltgnet.www59.a2hosting.com/, because I knew it would take time
>>> for the DNS update to propagate.  This worked great for a little while,
>>> and the site remained online after the server switch yesterday.
>>> However, since this morning, our domain will not resolve at all, not to
>>> the old IP address or the new IP address.  I double checked that the DNS
>>> servers were entered correctly.  The primary domain is
>>> lighting-gallery.net.  metal-halide.net and pjc.name are two parked
>>> domains with the same host.  At this time, only pjc.name resolves.  Any
>>> ideas?
>>> - Patrick
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