[GLLUG] Wireless Problems at Delta Library

Clay Dowling clay at lazarusid.com
Mon Nov 22 10:32:51 EST 2010


Have you verified that this problem -doesn't- exist at other venues?  It
could be failing hardware or a software, and you only see it at the
library because that's the only place you use it.

My first guess would be dicey software.  dhcpd might not be handling
things well.  Windows 7 behaves in an identical way on one of my
machines at home, even though Ubuntu on the same machine doesn't have
any problems at all.


On 11/18/10 1:33 PM, Chick Tower wrote:
> That's a good idea, Karl.  I'll try it, if I can find out how to keep
> dhcp from overwriting /etc/resolv.conf.  Or maybe I'll just directly
> edit that file when I'm having problems again, and try that.
>                                Chick
> On 11/18/2010 12:49 AM, Karl Schuttler wrote:
>> I would set your DNS statically to openDNS just to rule it out
>> ( or, and then keep hunting if problems
>> persist.
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