[GLLUG] My SEMCO SIG-Linux presentation (with links)

Michael Rudas audiotech50 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 13:14:15 EST 2010

I am posting this since I feel it may be of general interest (for the
links, if nothing else)--these discs are intended to be used as tools
on Windows and Mac systems, as well as Linux--and they are all free.
I plan on bringing copies of the CDs and a few DVDs with as many of
the current disc image ISOs as will fit on a single DVD.  If I get a
chance, I may also create an updated "Bart PE" Windows CD (or at least
discuss creating one at the meeting).

The November SEMCO SIG-Linux meeting will be on Tuesday, November 23
at 6:45 p.m. at i3Detroit. The i3Detroit facility is located at:
1481 Wordsworth, Ferndale, MI 48220
Their web site is http://www.i3detroit.org. i3Detroit is located south
of 9 Mile Road at the corner of Wanda and Wordsworth streets. Wanda
runs south roughly half way between Hilton and John R. There is a link
to a map of the location from either the i3Detroit web site or the
Meetings page on the SEMCO web site http://www.semco.org --  the
meeting is open to all who are interested.

Topic: "Tool Discs - The Ninjas of Linux"

SIG-Linux chairman Michael Rudas (that's ME!) will lead a discussion
and demonstration of live Linux-based tool discs for a variety of
purposes, including backup, system recovery, password management,
forensics, anti-virus, and more.  Most of these discs are intended for
use on both Linux and Windows systems. As I have said before, "trying
to fix Windows from within Windows is often like trying to do a valve
job on an engine while it's running." These discs allow users to "step
outside" Windows to get under the hood.  Specific CDs
will be discussed and demonstrated.

As part of my preparation for this presentation, I have now created a
"Links" page for the discs I will be discussing:
(full link)
In case this gets mangled--or if you want to just type it in--here's a
TinyURL to the same page:
I am also writing an article for my "FaveSoft" blog, which I will
finish after the meeting so I can tweak it based on feedback.

~~ Michael Rudas
   My home page: http://MRudas.2Ya.com
   My software blog: http://FaveSoft.blogspot.com
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