[GLLUG] Keyboards for sale

Taylor Burke jburke at liquidweb.com
Tue Apr 23 11:57:49 EDT 2013

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I'm selling the two mechanical keyboards I have at 
home to raise some extra funds for the move to my new apartment. Right 
now I have:

- Tenkeyless Ducky Shine II, MX Red switches and blue LEDs
- Full-size Monoprice, MX Red switches and red LEDs (burnt out, LEDs 
under the keycaps no longer work)

The Ducky Shine II normally goes for $130 before shipping, but I'm 
asking $90. Keep in mind tenkeyless means there is NO numpad! The 
Monoprice normally goes for around $100, but since the LEDs are burnt 
out I'm looking for $70-$80, but feel free to make me an offer.

Both keyboards are in great physical condition and still work perfectly. 
If you're interested, product pages are below:


- jtb


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