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Usually they replace the whole board.  Iirc the pins are pretty close together.   I don't think I have the fine tip you need but fultons used to carry them. They might do the work too for a bench fee and if you bring the right part they won't have it in stock.  I have class during the meetings.. 

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I'm in need on some repairs to my Asus  laptop in order to get it back
up and running. We were just getting familiar with Linux mint and then
the DC jack on our laptop started not connecting well. After a few weeks
it stopped working completely. I know the part is cheap but the labor
isn't. Any suggestions of someone who can help for a small charge? We
don't have a big budget :(
Thanks and looking forward to learning more about Linux!

A real message from the Craigslist ad!  Does anyone have any suggestions 
for him or her?



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