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Hi, everyone. 
I started sending notes to the Penguicon programming / presentation chairs about 10 weeks ago. I never got a single response from anyone. 
Last Wednesday, one of my colleagues at IBM asked me why I hadn't told him I was speaking at Penguicon. That was the first I had heard that I was scheduled. 
I sent off a relatively polite nastigram to the head of programming explaining that since I had no response (and therefore no confirmmation) prior to two days before I was supposed to be there, that it was, unfortunately, no longer an option. 

Short version. I wasn't there. I didn't speak. 

Hope you had a good time. 


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On 04/30/2013 04:34 PM, Chick Tower wrote: 
> Did anyone have a good time at Penguicon? How was the new hotel? 
The hotel was excellent. Probably the best I've ever seen a hotel 
handle pcon. 

There were other issues with pcon that I'll be happy to discuss on 
Thursday. I think it was Marshal, Frank and I there. I never saw 
Frank, but I saw his name on the schedule, so presumably he was present. 

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