[GLLUG] Schneier on Windows

Clay Dowling clay at lazarusid.com
Tue Sep 17 10:53:37 EDT 2013

On 09/17/2013 12:20 AM, Kami Vaniea wrote:
> Since I'm literally writing a research paper right now on the difference
> between security related intentions and behaviors, I'm going to
> disagree.  I'm going to bet that the NSA exposure convince lots of
> people that they *should* be using good tools and might even get a fair
> number to try out tools that are advertised as "invincible". However,
> I'm with Steve that the number of people that actually start using
> provably secure tools will be very small. Why? Because actual security
> is very hard to understand, and typically challenging to use correctly.
It's also of limited value to most people.  I could jump through all of
these hoops to secure my data, but at the end of the day I haven't
really gained anything, because the information contained is not
especially valuable.  It's no big deal if the NSA knows my parents are
flying in from Dublin on Friday, or that I'm going camping with friends
on Saturday.

The things I do care about, such as my banking information or medical
records, I am limited to security implemented by outsiders, and
outsiders without a lot of technical savvy at that.  If the technology
staff at my bank were good at their jobs, they wouldn't be working in a
bank, they'd be working somewhere they might be appreciated and paid


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