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Don Bosman dbosman at msu.edu
Tue Sep 17 11:08:20 EDT 2013

Clay makes an excellent point about the pay and appreciation issue.

Another point quite often missed in encryption discussions is -
.....How do you know who's at the other end of the line?
.....How do you know you can trust the person(s) at the other end of the 

All the safe encryption in the world won't work if the party at the 
other end of the connection is selling or giving away your data. 
Encrypted conversations are of little use if your contact isn't who you 
think they are.

Don Bosman

Clay Said:
/outsiders without a lot of technical savvy at that. If the technology 
staff at my bank were good at their jobs, they wouldn't be working in a 
bank, they'd be working somewhere they might be appreciated and paid 
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