[GLLUG] Linux Beginner Book Quest

Mike Szumlinski szumlins@pilot.msu.edu
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 15:39:41 -0500

Yeah...windows sucks...haha....flame flame...

But seriously, the best place to pick up basic *nix knowledge is by 
hitting google and asking it what you want to do.  Linux.org also has a 
pretty comprehensive HOWTO section.

I myself am a Mac/FreeBSD user, so I think the FreeBSD handbook is a 
great tool for gettin' into the *nix community.  Also, this group is 
pretty good at following up on questions if they know the answer.  God 
knows I've asked plenty of stupid ones over the last 3 years (has it 
been that long?).


On Friday, November 29, 2002, at 03:31  PM, Nu Hertz wrote:

> Hello, I'm very new to Linux, and I'd like to find a resource (book)
> that will get everything from the GUI to the command line and teach
> me how to use it.  I'm very familiar with DOS, and I would like to
> learn all the capabilities that LINUX offers beyond the extensively
> limited abilities of DOS.  I'm very computer literate, as in I assemble
> computers in my spare time and am an avid user of Windows, but not the
> wizards, I like all the shortcuts and such.  I would like to take some
> time to delve into the realm of open-source software, and open-source
> scripting languages like PHP, so this was my next step.  I took some 
> time
> to do a search on Amazon.com to look for a good book to use, but the
> descriptions are not nearly sufficient, so I thought I'd turn to some
> people with some experience in the field for help.  Thanks in advance
> for direction you can give me.
> Jeff Kingsbury
> Nuhertz@yahoo.com
> P.S. - I realize on the linux usergroup I've set myself up for some 
> massive
> flamage for mentioning windows, and I apologize.
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