[GLLUG] [IPCop-user] running ftp server with IPcop

Mark Tarquini mark at iametarq.com
Tue Nov 18 10:52:37 EST 2003

I am running IPcop with the latest updates.

Somehow I have enabled in IPcop to not allow pinging or any contact with
my network from the outside world. 

I have an ftp server setup.  I can get to it from and from any
computer inside my network but not from the outside.

What do i need to enable in IPcop to allow incoming connections?  I have
already enabled Port Forwarding, but my ISP said that he cannot see any
open ports, nor can he even ping our IP address. =(

thanks in advance. =)

Mark Tarq
mark at iametarq.com
http://www.iametarq.com / http://www.etarq.com

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