[GLLUG] desktop freezing??

Lachniet, Mark mlachniet at analysts.com
Wed Nov 28 11:15:04 EST 2007

Being that its barfing errors about USB, I'd also try unplugging all your USB devices (if any) as the electrical load from USB may be placing the power supply / motherboard over what it can handle, our could be shorting in some way.
Mark Lachniet



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Benjamin Cathey wrote:

> The system is older - the MB is an asus.  Trying to remember but I believe
> the machine is a 1.2 GHz machine.  I do know how to test the power supply
> but don't have a multimeter.

The system is of the right vintage for EITHER a PS problem or an MB
problem.  Adding an additional load to a PS can often "push it over
the edge" load-wise.

Check local dollar stores(!) for the multimeter -- I recently bought
an analog meter for $1 and a perfectly-useful digital meter for $3 at
one locally (Hazel Park).

The motherboard has a power-supply self-test in the BIOS that shows
the votages, usually under the same heading that shows the CPU
temperature.  If you can't figure this out from the BIOS-setting
page-names, look at each one in turn -- besides, it COULD be a CPU
thermal problem, anyway.

As far as checking the CPU capacitors go, this article has a good
description with useful pictures (what to look for):

ASUSTek was hit less than most manufacturers by the cap problem,
making the PS more likely -- fortunately 350W-and-up supplies are
cheap these days, even for decent ones.  Look for one of these marks
on them
<http://www.krausnaimer.com/G/photos/Appr/ur.gif> or
to ensure a minimal level of quality.

~~ Mikey
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