[GLLUG] Browser problems

Frank Dolinar frank.dolinar at comcast.net
Sun Nov 7 08:51:00 EST 2010

Hi, everyone,
     I was talking with a friend yesterday who presented me with a 
problem for which I have no answer.
     Perhaps one of you can shed some light on the situation.
     His computer is a recent Dell system with an Intel quad-core chip, 
running Vista (Vista Home, I believe), and he's had both IE and Firefox 
browsers stop working, each claiming that it can't access the particular 
site requested (pick a site, doesn't matter).  IE failed about a month 
ago.  Firefox failed last Tuesday.
     He also has Chrome on the system, and that appears to work without 
     I verified this situation on his computer.  Baffling.
     I did a complete uninstall of Firefox and downloaded and 
reinstalled it.  Same error.
     My suspicion is that there's some bit of malware that is causing 
this situation.  I'm wondering whether the problem isn't caused by 
malware but by something in either the Chrome browser or some problem 
with his firewall.  He also said that he has more than one anti-virus 
package installed on his system -- which I believe is not recommended.
     That's what I know at the moment.

     If anyone can suggest an approach or a solution, I'd appreciate any 
help you can provide.


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