[GLLUG] Hard Disk Replacement

Michael Rudas audiotech50 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 22:56:04 EST 2010

--- Chick Tower wrote:

> --- Ben Chavez wrote:

>> Thank you for all the replies and the great advice. Hopefully replacing
>> the drive will solve the problem, I will bring the laptop again to the
>> next meeting to replace the hardware. I will post more questions if that
>> doesn't do it.

> I would also think that, if you have some kind of Windows restore disk that
> you want to install also, you either bring that or run it ahead of time.  It
> might not work if Linux is already installed, or, more likely, would
> overwrite the Linux installation, and everything else on the drive.  I don't
> know if a Windows restore disk would work on a hard drive of a different
> size than was in the PC originally.

A Windows restore disc doesn't care about the size of the hard
drive--in fact, I tell people to create a partition on their HD if
they ever have to restore their system, especially if the new drive is
bigger than the old one.  I generally go with a 40 GB partition for
WinXP or a 50-60 GB partition for WinVista/Win7 and a 40 GB partition
for Linux (with a swap partition), with the rest for data.  This makes
it easy (and quick) to image the OS partitions (by FAR the best way to
back up OS partitions).  If you partition the drive ahead of time and
install Windows first, all should be OK

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